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About Us

Who We Are

Grafton Grill & Crust is a scratch restaurant serving casual, American grill. We take pride in helping our customers EAT, DRINKGATHER!

Owners Steve and Lori Belfiore have lived in Grafton for over 14 years with their family. They first moved to this quaint town in 2002 and are so proud to call it their home. Steve has over 15 years experience in the restaurant business, a passion of his since the young age of 14 where he shucked clams at a small local oyster house in Woods Hole MA. For the last 16 years Steve worked in the corporate wireless industry for such companies as Sprint, AT&T and Radio Shack. As for Lori, she worked at Bose in advertising 12 years ago until she decided to stay at home to focus on her family.

Steve’s passion has always been at the top of his mind especially since moving to Grafton. Both of them were always wishing there were some ”Boston type” restaurants in Grafton as it was the ONLY thing this town was missing. Together they threw around the idea of a bagel shop, a pizza place and even an upscale burger place. The conceptualizing started way back when and it wasn’t until the restaurant we know as many names, “The Wonder Restaurant”, “Sebastians” and “Bridge Street Bistro” went up for auction and didn’t sell that they knew it was either now or never.

A building that needed some love but was in a great location. They wrote the investor a letter with their best offer and expressed their love for this town, this community and the need for a great place to EAT, DRINK and GATHER and from there, the rest is history. From the start, it was full speed ahead to remodel this old restaurant and put their concept into place. And finally, now, they are proud to bring you GRAFTON GRILL. They hope you are as excited about this new establishment as they are. We promise you’ll find great food, the best craft beer / draft beer around, delicious cocktails and an atmosphere you’ll love.